momentum headphones by sennheiser

We’re suckers for superior craftsmanship, but when it comes to headphones, sound quality is what matters most. (So why not just combine the two?)

Sennhieser’s acclaimed line of Momentum headphones fuses understated design with a high-end range of sonic capabilities. Comprised of a supple leather headband and ear cups and a brushed stainless steel headband slider, the German audio specialist know that there’s no denying these headphones push into a category all its own.

Available in a range of colorways—ivory being the latest introduction–buy them HERE.



If you own an iMac then you know—the USB port isn’t located all too conveniently. Now granted, plugging your flash drive into that elusive access point may not be your biggest problem, but that doesn’t mean our tech accessory innovators from Bluelounge aren’t going to stop solving even the simplest of life’s annoying issues.

The brand’s latest product, the Jimi, acts as USB port extension that helps users access the back USB port of their iMac from the front. Shaped like a ‘J,’ once it’s plugged in, the need to reach, strain, and search for the USB entry point will be eliminated. Retailing at just under $15, buy the Jimi HERE.


ipad case by a.p.c.

Jean Touitou’s French brand may be best known for its popularity among die heart denim heads–but look again, and its minimalistic approach goes beyond the garments we can’t help but drool over.

For its Summer 2014 collection, the company put out a few canvas accessories—one being an iPad case, which features top zip closures, cotton lining, and barely noticeable A.P.C branding. A simple and elegant option for you to slide your device into while running around town, purchase it HERE.


ns500 aluminum by nocs

After originally debuting its aluminum housing in 2008, Nocs hasn’t halted its progression. Calling its latest earphones “a study in evolution,” the NS500 acts as a new refined addition to the Swedish audio brands already noteworthy collection.

Complementing its superior use of materials, which allows for a high-end sonic experience, the earphones feature a tangle-free cable and a three button remote for iPod, iPhone, and iPad use.

Set to ship at the end of May, you can purchase the Nocs NS500 in black, gold, white, or grey HERE.



Before you glance at this desk and pass it off as just another four-legged workstation…look closer.

Reinventing the way we use everyday items, Artifox—a free-formed creative design team—added features to this modern day tabletop that make organization easy. Built into the desk, you’ll find things like integrated grooves that let you view tablets and phones in an upright position, a hidden compartment to keep cords concealed, and as for all those ideas that pop into your head? A writeable and erasable surface is included. In addition, the desk comes with two hooks to hang your backpack, headphones, or any other accessory that would normally take up valued space.

Available for purchase in two different types of wood, buy Artifox’s desk HERE, and if you can, let us know how it feels to have a clean, clutter-free desk—because we have no idea.



Born in Newport Beach, California, Tsovet has been a staple in the timepiece industry for quite some time now. But the West Coast brand is going bi-coastal, and bringing its luxury wrist wear to a Manhattan institution.

Debuting eight new watches at the renowned fashion epicenter that is Barney’s NYC, Tsovet latest collection stays true to its geographical ties taking influences from aerospace engineers of the past and fusing it with coastal modern aesthetics.

The full range can be seen in the gallery above and pre-order one HERE, as they’re set to drop later this month.


roku streaming stick

Few things compare to the convenience of a streaming media service. After all, what’s better than having basically every show, channel, movie, and app right at your fingertips? But wait, before you answer that, take a look at Roku’s Streaming Stick—the compact answer to each and every one of your weekend binge-watching needs.

A handy little stick that’s equally as functional as set-top boxes, the recently released HDMI version plugs right into your television port, allowing you to access over 1000 channels, upwards of 31,000 moves and cast platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

Purchase it HERE for only $49.99.


boom boom smart speaker by mathieu lehanneur

When it comes to the new Boom Boom smart speaker designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, less is more. But that’s not to say this product isn’t full of every feature you need and then some, though.

Working wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection or through the speaker’s headphone jack cable (that also multitasks as a handle) the Boom Boom seamlessly connects to Androids, iPhones, tablets, desktops…well, you get the point, right? And to create an interactive user experience, the sound system boasts a human voiceover, by way of its app, that that allows it to let you know what’s happening as you use it.

In addition, the speaker also comes equipped with a functioning touchpad and works as a speakerphone for voice calls, FaceTime, and Skype. Made of soft touch silicon, the Boom Boom fits in the palm of your hands.

Purchase it HERE at Binauric.

photo c/o Mathieu Lehanneur


phhhoto app

For your next party, erase the thought of bringing in a typical photo booth. (You know the kind. It snaps away and leaves you with nothing more than a few still images.) Because with the digital age in full force, Phhhoto—the modern day social media sharing photo booth—will have guests enjoying the evening that much more.

Turning the average snapshot into an animated GIF, Phhhoto consists of three main parts: an attention-grabbing ringlight, an iPad that runs of special software, and a web feed that displays photos for you and your guests. Plus, every picture comes with a custom logo or watermark and an option to project all the Phhhoto happenings that took place throughout the entire party.

Learn more about the new and improved take on a boring photo booth HERE.



sonos x google play

Announcing its partnership with Google Play, Sonos is continuing its efforts to provide music lovers with a one-of-a-kind experience. Already supporting platforms such as Pandora, Beats Music, and Spotify, the latest addition brings all the music you love and all the music you want to discover into one place.


Through the Google Play Music App on your Android device, you can send a song or playlist directly to a Sonos player while choosing from your personal library, on demand tracks (upwards of 22 million of them), and “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio, which will play music based off your prior listening habits.

The app also lets users stream music to any speaker in your home through a newly integrated button, allowing for crystal clear HiFi sound without ever leaving your seat.

To get started, head over HERE, and you’ll find out just how much better your music can sound.