Bradley Soileau x RUHI

When pictures of Bradley Soileau started flooding Tumblr a few years back it was hard to open my laptop without seeing the tattoo-covered dude. It seemed everyone knew him, wanted to know him, and wanted to take a photo of or with him.” What is this dudes deal,” I thought? He’s got “War Inside My Mind” (a Suicidal Tendencies song) scrawled across his forehead and…well that seems pretty rad, but what’s his deal? Then I got an e-mail from him…

Here’s the deal: Bradley Soileau is, from what I’ve experienced, a super creative guy who’s kind just put himself out there, and being in the mix has gotten him noticed. In my correspondence with Soileau he’s just been really honest about his desire to try–and try openly without really caring about much else–and that’s the coolest thing I’ve taken away from talking with him. People like him because he’s just free like that.

So when the folks at RUHI hit me up to give me the first look at a collaboration they did with Soileau, I was pretty stoked. I think it’s super awesome when a brand gives people the chance to exercise some creativity because although we don’t all need our own fashion brands, it’s cool when we get to design things we like, right?

The collaboration features a hemp pattern button-up and shorts for bros, and a tank top and short set for the ladies. What better day to drop this capsule than on Mary Jane’s birthday–April 20th. When I spoke to Soileau about the collection here’s what he had to say:

“I started smoking about five years ago. I was straight edge ’til I was 22, then I started drinking a lot and went to a pretty dark place. When i first moved to NYC was when i first started smoking, and honestly it changed my life for a positive. For the first time in my life I felt like I was free of worldly chains. I really got into it when Wiz Khalifa dropped Kush & OJ.  Lots of people were doing cool 4/20 drops, but I felt like a lot of people weren’t doing anything cool with it, like “Cool, lets make a weedgraphic tee.” Great…and eventually that gets played out and boring, so I thought to myself, “Why dont I just find a way to make a pattern out of weed. people really love patterns,” and I feel with this I’ve created a wearable pattern out of weed, that isn’t completely childish. Something that the grown up potheads could wear under their suit jacket, or at a yacht party.”

The result is a couple of really rad pieces for both those who do and those who don’t partake. I personally think the pattern is beautiful and I hope RUHI’s practice of dropping capsule collections with creative individuals catches on. The brand, barely three months old, was founded by Silke Labson, who cut her fashion teeth with fashion mainstays like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson. Shop this limited edition capsule HERE, and follow Bradley Soileau on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. Check out RUHI on Instagram HERE and keep up with all of the newest news HERE.

lucio front button hoodie by bolivares

For decades, New York City has served as the inspiration behind famous songs, notable movies, and everything in between. Now, creative director and founder of the new eponymous menswear label Bolivares is paying homage to that same city–Lucho Bolivares’ hometown–and the metropolis he credits as the place where he found his drive and motivation.

Among a handcrafted line full of ethereally soft pastels and bold brights, the SS ’14 collection boasts some threads influenced by the Big Apple. Taking a refined approach to a staple piece in every dude’s wardrobe, the Lucio Button Front Hoodie is a thing of beauty. Made of French terry cloth and featuring an embroidered NY patch on the chest, it’s as cozy as they come, and perfect for spring days, summer nights, and all those times when comfort is key.

New Yorker or not, you’re gona want to grab this hoodie. Buy it HERE.


buff monster x converse customs

First of all, we’d like to wish our buddy Buff Monster a very Happy Birthday–we attended his birthday party at Jerome’s the other night and it was radical, complete with an all metal DJ set and a Sponge Bob piñata.
Buff is for real so humble, he didn’t even mention the launch of his new shoe with Converse–which is a pretty big deal if you ask us. He probably knew we’d hound him for a pair but thanks to the All Star brand we just went HERE and customized a pair of our own. The customization process is so crazy, you can basically choose every aspect of your Buff Monster customs and throw an i.d on the back. These kicks make the perfect addition to both our art collection and our footwear line-up.
Check out more on Buff Monster HERE, follow him on Twitter HERE and definitely make sure to check out his Instgram to see his art and globe trotting antics HERE.


Fyasko Goes Bananas!

We see about a dozen lookbooks in an average day at the office but when the Orange County-based brand Fyasko sent through the images for their new Go Bananas collection, I definitely took notice.

Fyasko was founded by a group of surfers, skateboarders, musicians and artists who were inspired by the high fashion cities of Tokyo, London, New York, and of course, the carefree lifestyle of Southern California. The brand took off upon its inception in 2002, and has grown exponentially each season. The entirely grassroots and self-funded company aims to create a brand of clothing that would appeal to all, while still staying true to their origin.

The Go Bananas capsule is pretty straightforward, but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. The Planet of the Apes-meets-One Crazy Summer vibe of this lookbook is LOL-tastic and the collection is fun (we like the button up)! Shop this capsule HERE, follow Fyasko on Twitter HERE, and check out the company blog for rad skate and surf photos.

Patternity X Clarks Desert Boot

Classic footwear brand Clarks has teamed up with a London-based pattern specialist to update its classic Desert Boot design. The British shoe manufacturer has picked up on the rise of print ahead of spring ’14 to update the iconic silhouette.

The source of the motif is creative consultants Patternity. Started by photographer Anna Murray and product designer Grace Winteringham in 2009, the firm was founded upon the simple idea of using patterns as stimulation for design.

In its five years of operating, the unique online archive has worked with the likes of Apple, the BBC and Levi’s. Now applying its business to boots, Patternity has provided a signature geometric print for the spring ’14 release.

Speaking on the collaboration, Murray said “With Clarks we share not only a passion for detail, but also value the same importance of brand history.”

Inspiration for the print is said to come from architecture, with rectangular and spherical structures of buildings present within the design.

The boots are available in two color ways, black and white multi, and  both are produced in a combination of leather and suede. You can get them HERE and for more information on upcoming design collaborations and releases follow Clarks on Twitter HERE.

The Knowmatic Hoodie by Jeff Staple for SEV

Anyone who has ever flown an early morning flight, or a red eye flight, or a flight with a ton of kids on it, or a flight after a night at the bar or…wait, let’s just say anyone who has ever flown period might want to check this Knowmatic Hoodie out. What is Knowmatic all about, you ask? Well here’s the deal…

Our buddy Jeff Staple, wearer of many hats (and hoodies) spends a lot of time in transit, and like any good inventor, he could never just settle for decent travel wear. It was Plato who is credited with the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” and it’s Staple who put a zipper on it. His partnership with Scottevest, dubbed “The world’s most fashionable and functional hoodie” boasts 15 pockets, including Pad Pockets large enough to hold an iPad Mini, eyeglass pocket made of a lens cleaning chamois material, clear touch phone pocket to see and control your touchscreen phone through the clear material, and a built in “Do Not Disturb” sleeper mask.

The comprehensive list of amenities in this limited-edition garment can be found HERE and you can check out the discussion between Staple and Scottevest founder Scott Jordan and the demonstration below. Follow Staple on Twitter HERE, follow Scottevest on Twitter HERE, and pick up one of the 350 limited edition Knowmatic Hoodies HERE or HERE.



As a former college baseball player and huge fan of the MLB (let’s go Yankees!), there’s nothing that quite compares to the start of a new season. And aside from you know, the games and all, my list goes on and on as to why it’s the best couple weeks of the year. For starters, it’s right around the time the weather begins to turn, it becomes acceptable to eat hot-dogs by the dozen, and, let’s be honest, ESPN telecasts instantly become better with the addition of web gems…but I digress.

Now, granted, my days on the diamond ended once I received my diploma, but that doesn’t mean the jersey doesn’t still flourish as a staple in my everyday wardrobe. (We’re not granting you permission to dig up your little league joint, though.)

Philadelphia-based establishment Mitchell & Ness has a full selection of MLB jerseys. From authentic button-ups to mesh BP pullovers, every team has a full range of throwback looks and top caliber players. But the reason they look so spot on? It all comes down to the craftsmanship.

Teaming up with the folks at Exclusive Pro Sports–and even making trips to the Baseball Hall of Fame to get exact measurements—the products are all made in the USA and replicate every detail to a t. The process can be seen in a snippet from the documentary below, and be sure to purchase the jersey of your favorite team HERE.

Made In USA pt. 2 from Mitchell & Ness on Vimeo.


Marana by Etnies

It’s funny–just the other day I was talking with a friend about how I miss the SLB 23 Etnies and how jealous that my little brother had them back in the day and I never had the chance–and mere days later, the brand sends over these Maranas for us to check out!

These are Ryan Sheckler’s pro model and I gotta tell ya, I’m stoked on the understated style and comfortable wear. The Marana is carefully crafted piece by piece, assembled, and then the rubber toe cap is fused on. Instead of ripping your kicks to shreds and covering them with tape or goo Sheckler and the Etnies pals have preemptively got you covered. The lightweight and impact-resistant STI Evolution Foam midsole doesn’t pack out, enhancing the cushioning of the footbed and the non-slip outsole’s herringbone tread.

If all of this isn’t enough, just check out the 20 different colorways Etnies offers HERE (all the way up to size 14)! Check out the full spring collection HERE and follow Etnies on Twitter HERE.

Mad Plaid – Crooks & Castles spring ’14

Our buddies at Crooks & Castles openly admit to rooting for the villain, whether it be in a movie, a comic book, a novel, a rap song or everyday life. The Los Angeles-based outfit lists everything from robber barons of the early times like the Vanderbilts, the Rockerfellers, the Carnegies, to the modern day billionaires like Bill Gates & Microsoft as influences. Which is interesting because I’ve kicked it with them from time to time and the biggest impression I get from them is that they’re super nice, extra creative dudes, but hey, inspiration is everywhere.

Looking through their new spring ’14 offering, this Mad Plaid zip-up, oxford-style shirt stood out the most. The cut and sew approach in this new collection is a departure from graphic based designs the brand is known for and this piece is by far one of my favorite things I seen in a while. The color selection of the plaid paired with the red zipper give me serious Vivienne Westwood vibes. The hidden pocket and the fact that this piece is offered in multiple colorways are just plusses. I also like the fact that the brand offers sizes up to 3XL because there isn’t any reason a big boss can’t get fresh.

I like that the Crooks team is stretching their comfort zone–and while they’ll always kill it in the fleece and graphics game, I think they are just beginning to grow into some exciting new territory. Check out the full spring ’14 offering HERE and follow the brand on Twitter HERE.


Born in Manhattan back in 1972, PONY was founded by Uruguay-born entrepreneur Roberto Muller, a maverick who lived life by the seat of his pants. Literally the heart and soul of the company, Muller created PONY in his own image, equal-parts energetic, rambunctious and ambitious.

It’s pretty interesting, thumbing through the lookbook and noticing some of the classic models PONY has revived for the latest collection. There are a few designs and colorways, ones that definitely inspired some of the newer sneakers we see on the street today. It’s rad to see the legendary brand back in action, to once again have these footwear forefathers at our finger tips again!

Three new lines of summer suited shoes bulk out this collection; core footwear Line-Canvas Topstars, Nylon M-100′s and Nylon City Wings. The brand plays on chromatics and color blocking on Topstars, provocative neon detailing on the M-Series, and pop color on City Wings. Check out PONYs spring 2014 lookbook above and the new campaign video below then shop the collection HERE. Keep up with the brand on Twitter HERE and you can find them on Facebook HERE.