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aroma collection by the art of shaving

With a name like The Art of Shaving, there’s no reason to turn to anyone else when relieving your face of its whiskers. It just wouldn’t make sense. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the brand uses premium quality ingredients that help do things like minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs as well as keep your skin protected and moisturized.

The brand’s Aroma Collection is full of pre-shave oils, shaving creams, and after-shave balms that aim to soothe your skin throughout the entire process—from the moment you pick up the razor to the second you place it down. And although it’s up to you to pick your favorite scent from the varying assortment, we don’t think that any will disappoint. Shop the range HERE.


avail lip balm with sunscreen by aēsop

Summer is no time to ditch your lip balm–it’s necessary all year long. And granted that you can make it through a whole season without losing it, a good product to help your lips defend against dry heat and high temperatures will become your best friend.

Introducing its first lip balm that includes sunscreen, Aēsop’s Avail Lip Balm offers SPF30 protection and includes nourishing ingredients that offers defense at two levels. A transparent barrier shields the fragile skin of the lips from sunrays, while numerous botanical extracts soften and prevent moisture loss.

Buy it HERE.


lacoste l!ve

Celebrating the fourth doesn’t only mean scarfing down hot dogs and viewing an evening full of fireworks. Lacoste L!VE just introduced a new men’s fragrance that displays plenty of patriotism. With red, white, and blue packaging, and a scent that features green leaves and aquatic notes, the eau de toilette will give you a whole new perspective for your festive weekend.

Buy it HERE.


coola after-sun lotion

It’s bound to happen at least once this summer. You courageously forego the use of sunscreen and in the hours following your departure from the beach you realize you’ve made a huge mistake. And if you don’t act quickly, a few days of painful sunburn will be in the very near future.

Luckily, Coola makes a remedy that will spare your overly charred skin some relief. Formulated with Agave to take the sting out of sunburn, the moisturizing organic lotion helps aid skin back to health.

Buy it HERE through Birchbox Man and pack it for every beach weekend from the fourth on.


charcoal grit bar by crux supply co.

Summer has arrived. And while the nice weather matched by ample sunshine is nothing to complain about, spending days outdoors can cause you to perspire…a lot. So come time to freshen up, you’ll need a bar of soap that washes away all that built up odor and grime.

Making soaps and other grooming products in small batches, the Charcoal Grit Bar from Crux Supply Co. combines the exfoliating power of pumice and black walnut shell with toxin-busting properties of charcoal. Good for use on your hands, face, and body, purchase it HERE. Now, go ahead and spend as much time in the heat as humanly possible.



There’s no question that packing for any type of trip is a pain. But eventually it has to be done. And much like your garments and shoes, your arsenal of grooming products should be stored properly, regardless of your final destination.

Introducing three new dopp kits for the summer, Hudson Sutler softens it look yet maintains its utilitarian edge with features like rust proof resin zippers. Fabricated of heavy-duty 18 oz canvas and coated with a nylon pack cloth liner that will withstand any spill, the latest additions to the Hudson Sutler line can be purchased HERE.


buckler’s daily face repair by the motley

With the onset of the summer heat, your skin can take a beating if not cared for correctly. Luckily the folks behind The Motley know a thing or two about men’s grooming. And with the brand’s newest addition to the Buckler’s family of super moisturizing skincare products, you may just find yourself a little less worried when you forget your sunscreen at home.

Sitting alongside Buckler’s Chapped Skin and Chapped Lip Remedies, Buckler’s Daily Facial Repair acts as a lightweight face moisturizer designed to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Made with certified organic and fair-trade materials, and loaded with aloe as well as shea butter, the formula is great to lather on after a day of burning up in the sun.

Buy it HERE.

Post Shave_MAIN

dr. carver’s magnanimous post shave

Birthed in 2012, Dollar Shave Club has slowly made shaving feel more less like a chore and more like an experience. Not only is the men’s lifestyle brand shipping the essentials like blades and handles right to your doorstep, but has since introduced various other products into its arsenal.

Following up the release of Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter & One Wipe Charlies, Dollar Shave Club has recently unveiled its post-shave moisturizer. Made to counter the disruptive act of stripping your face of hair, the lightweight formula instantly calms and soothes skin before hydrating and locking in moisture for a healthy appearance.

Buy it HERE.


pc4men kit

A well-rounded group of grooming products is as important as ever. And although Paula’s Choice has dominated the women’s market since 1995, the brand is branching out and making sure men are just as equipped as their female counterparts to handle all their skincare needs.

The new PC4Men collection boats a selection of products that offer good-for-skin ingredients and includes everything from a face wash and shaving treatments to a daytime and nighttime protection formula. The five-piece range comes pre-packaged in a dopp kit so your grooming rituals don’t get lost while you’re on the road. Buy it HERE.


lexington collection by the art of shaving

The Art of Shaving is going back to its root. Enlisting the New York street name where it first opened its doors in 1996 as inspiration, the brand’s Lexington collection features the most technologically advanced manual razor yet.

Streamlined in form, yet precise in function, the newest razor to bear the Art of Shaving name uses Gillette’s Flexball technology, providing a close, clean shave every time. Buy the razor HERE, along with the additional stand and brush.