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Charlie Hunnam On Going From Outlaw to the Face of Calvin Klein

Charlie Hunnam sneezes, clears his throat, and apologizes: “Sorry, I’ve been smoking so many fucking cigarettes.” He’s fresh off of his seven-season run as Jax, the roguish outlaw biker on FX’s monster series Sons of Anarchy, and Hunnam is feeling “pretty damn liberated.” Sons’ popularity paired with Jax’s unassailable grit turned Hunnam into a household name, but as with Mary Poppins or the Terminator, it’s hard to detach Hunnam the man from the gangster he plays on TV. Even more difficult: making sense of Hunnam’s career trajectory from fresh-faced roles like Nicholas Nickleby in the eponymous 2002 Charles Dickens adaptation, or Lloyd, the hunky British stalwart in Judd Apatow’s underappreciated TV show Undeclared.

“That’s something that I was fearful of,” says Hunnam of early typecasting. “I felt drawn to darker material and to characters that aren’t afraid to use violence as a currency.” With subsequent roles in Green Street Hooligans (2005), Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men (2006), and, more recently, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim (2013) under his belt, the 34-year-old actor is in no danger of languishing in pretty-boy purgatory.

These days, with badass cred aplenty, Hunnam is taking on a new role as the face of Reveal, Calvin Klein’s latest men’s fragrance. Instead of picking a celebrity endorser who already looks like the product smells (see Tim McGraw’s McGraw, Katy Perry’s Purr, or any of J. Lo’s 24 fragrances and counting), Calvin Klein asked Hunnam to play a character: a suave, shark-suited, cocktail-in-hand gentleman caller. “What I’ve realized is that the key to the fashion world is the idea of aspirational living—the most sophisticated, most luxurious, most sexy, most exciting version of life, manifested,” he says. “I found myself really being seduced by that world.”

The Reveal bottle is minimalist, just brushed metal and glass—something you’d find on the shelves of the MoMA Design Store. Inside, however, it’s a different story entirely. The ingredients aren’t stripped down, they are exotic: top notes of crystalized ginger, lentisque essence, and pear brandy blended with middle notes of raw salt signature, agave nectar, and kiwano, pared down with Haiti vetiver, vintage vanilla bean, and golden amber. It’s not a scent for any one type of guy, it’s just a solid, well- crafted fragrance that won’t define you, but will make you smell great.

His time as debonair scent spokesman couldn’t last forever, so this October will find Hunnam back in his “darker” milieu, reunited with del Toro for Crimson Peak, which is, essentially, a horror flick. “Guillermo elevates that genre,” says Hunnam. “The word around the campfire from the people who’ve seen it is that it’s his best film ever.”

What’s more, Hunnam has been plucked by one of his favorite directors, Guy Ritchie, to play the lead in 2016’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, a part for which Hunnam is already carving his body and mind. “You work out like a motherfucker leading up to doing a movie,” he says. “You get yourself in peak physical condition, and then the trick is to sustain that through the course of filming, when you’re working 16 or 17 hours a day.”

For Hunnam, a rigorous physical routine is not simply a balance of vanity and professional responsibility. “If you want to distill it down to its most primal, Neanderthal psychology,” he says, “I think you’re going to the gym and maintaining your fitness to be able to fight and defend yourself, and attack if necessary.”

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By Mickey Stanley.


The 6 Worst Male Grooming Moments in the History of Movies

Next Friday, when the Wachowski’s long-delayed space opera Jupiter Ascending comes crashing into theatres, another chapter in horrible men’s grooming in movies will have been written. Like anyone whose ever had to say “Nice chin strap bro!”, I know awkward grooming when I see it, and Channing Tatum’s bleached facial hair easily qualifies. Originally slated for a release last summer, Ascending was reportedly held back to complete special effects work, yet no one had time to fix Tatum’s hair. Because of it, he looks more like a young Guy Fieri than an intergalactic bounty hunter. In honor of this questionable decision, here’s a look at some other leading men who set the precedent for bad onscreen hair days.


John Travolta in Battlefield Earth
This is famously one of the biggest cinematic trainwrecks of all time, bankrupting the production company responsible for it and nearly derailing John Travolta’s career. Set in a future where an alien race/drum circle group called the Psyclos enslave the human race and employ them as gold miners, this adaptation of Scientology found L. Ron Hubbard’s sci-fi novel sees Travolta as the villainous Terl, an alien security officer in charge of earth. Sporting dreadlocks more tangled and convoluted than this film’s plot, Travolta looked more like a stinky Australian backpacker during his third year abroad than the oppressor of the human race. “Hey mate do you know where I could root any earth girls?”


Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element
If you want to predict the future, look into the past. A wise bottle of Fruitopia once told me this, and an easy way to establish a futuristic setting in any film is to pepper it with a mixed bag of retro trends. In Luc Besson’s space opera he chose to give the emo goth look a cybernetic second chance in the form of Gary Oldman’s villain, Mr. Zorg. Sporting a straightened combover and Skrillex side shave, Mr. Zorg appears to have leapt to life from a tumblr of bad tindr profile pics. That’s one of the famous pratfalls of being a bad guy though; everyone’s too sacred to tell you how shitty your hair looks. But by far the most distressing part of this dystopian future is that soul patches have somehow remained in style.


Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code
The brilliance of Tom Hanks is that he almost always just plays Tom Hanks in his movies. With his signature curls and soul-warming chuckle, he needn’t do more than show up and eat a Twix to give the performance of the year. So when he departed this winning formula to grow out the long, shiny comb-back hair of Harvard professor Robert Langdon, I really felt it. He suddenly morphed into every divorced man you’ve seen reading those Dan Brown novels on an airplane who nudges you creepily whenever the stewardess passes by. Yuck.


Jean Claude Van Damme in Hard Target
I really believe that JCVD was only doing his best to make sure people didn’t think he was a pastis swirling European pansy by donning this iconic mullet for John Woo’s American debut. Unfortunately, Van Damme’s chances of playing a convincing American action hero were instantly obliterated by his character’s name, Chance Bordeaux. The film focuses on a group of wealthy psychopaths who hunt homeless people for sport, and understandably set their eyes on Van Damme’s incredibly rare hairpiece as their next prize. For all his efforts, I have to award the Muscles from Brussels simultaneously with worst grooming and best mullet of all time.


John Travolta in From Paris with Love
John Travolta is back and cleaned up enough to fly to Paris where his goatee starred opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his own fake tan in this dismal action flick. If the character didn’t look so much like his favourite activities were bar fight’s and sending dick picks, it might have been a little more tolerable. But look at it. Doesn’t this goatee remind of you of the asshole who still makes people over twenty-six show their IDs?


Kevin Bacon in Wild Things
The erotic thriller held the promise of a make out fight between its stars Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, but what the film’s marketing didn’t reveal was there was also something for the ladies: Kevin Bacon’s untrimmed bush. You all remember it, don’t you? Right when he walked out of the shower? Wait, You actually looked?  JK we all did, andd then pathetically got a ruler, figured out the screen to inch ratio and used it as a standard for the next five years.

Text by Aidan Johnston

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Wavves Frontman Nathan Williams Reveals His Grooming Secrets

As the frontman of garage rockers Wavves since 2008, Nathan Williams has gotten pretty good at being a no-bullshit rockstar: give him some weed, a guitar, and he’s straight. He’s also earned his Master’s in hair, both of the head and facial variety. For him, it’s a mix of not really caring, kind of caring, and good genetics. Here, Williams lets us in on his grooming routines, or lack thereof.

My bass player Stephen and I recorded a Wavves album with our friend Dylan from Cloud Nothings. And we’re finishing another Wavves album. Both come out next year.

Yeah. But they sound a lot different. The Wavves and Cloud Nothings record was recorded at my house—while the Wavves album was recorded with a full band in L.A. with legitimate producers and engineers. I also have a new project called Spirit Club.

This Young Thug, Birdman, and Rich Homie Quan mixtape; and a lot of Devo for some reason.

I don’t wash my hair for months at a time. I shower when I sweat but other than that, not too much. I don’t like to put product in my hair. I never have. [Laughs] But I do trim my beard.

Hulk Hogan, but he doesn’t really have a beard, he has a handlebar mustache. I just think anybody who bleaches their facial hair is cool. And Guy Fieri has good facial hair—he’s kind of got some bleach in there, too.

I used to have this weird asymmetrical, female electro haircut, which is not the best look. Then I had this Prince Valiant cut with really straight, short bangs and then the rest of it was just long, stringy hair. I’ve had a lot of bad haircuts. I have one right now.

I never used to be able to grow it, I guess. I don’t know. It was kind of just a lazy thing, realistically. Once it started growing, I was just like, “Ugh, you have to shave your face every day with a razor.” It just sucked. It’s so annoying.

Yeah. I never used to but I have one called Bleu de Chanel. Sometimes I just spray it in
my house because it smells that good.

Text by Jade Taylor. Photography by Scott León.


How To Achieve Zac Efron’s Mustache In All Its Efron-y Glory

There are lots of things Zac Efron can do that we, mere mortals, cannot.


The man looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog composite when shirtless, he goes on glamorous yet confusing vacations with Michelle Rodriguez and rando Italian businessmen, he may even grow up to be Matthew Perry—but there’s one thing about the 27-year-old actor you might just be able to mimic: his mustache.

Efron had his new facial hair on display at a Lakers/Thunder basketball game on Friday at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, which he attended with girlfriend Sami Miró. Should you wish to replicate the ‘stache, which one might accurately describe as the “your friend’s hot dad who might be low-key flirting with you but you’re not sure but you’re just gonna put on D’Angelo’s ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel)’ and see what happens,” here’s an easy step-by-step guide you can follow.

Step One: Be Zac Efron
This step is crucial. Make sure you were born Zac Efron on October 18, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, California to David Efron and Starla Baskett. Keep trying until you are born Zac Efron on October 18, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, California to David Efron and Starla Baskett.

Step Two: Prep, Shave, And Admire
Once you are sufficiently Zac Efron, soften your face with some warm water. If you want to truly reach Peak Zefron, prep your face using Proraso’s white pre-shaving cream. Exfoliate with Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Enegergizing Scrub.

Then, lather up with Malin+Goetz’s Vitamin E Shaving Cream using your Omega Hi-Performance Synthetic Bristle Brush. (Real badger-tail brushes are upsetting and cruel. Why would you make Zac Efron cry?) Commit the mustache shape to memory, and use your Merkur 38C razor to make that dream reality.

Wash off, and apply your Art of Shaving Sandalwood After-Shave Balm. Moisturize daily with Lab Series’ Pro LS All-in-One Face Treatment.

Weep audible at your success.

Step Three: Realize You Are Not Nor Will You Ever Be Zac Efron
Shave your mustache immediately. Weep silently at your failure.

Text by John Walker. Photo via Getty.

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