AG Hair

AG Hair for Men Summons Your Inner Sean Connery

Since 1989, AG Hair has produced high quality grooming goods that stand the test of time. Continue reading

bevel shave

Shear Genius: A Better Shave For Curly Hair By Bevel

Curly haired dudes have a lot to deal with, and it doesn’t end with what’s on top. Facial scruff can also prove problematic, especially when it comes to ingrown hairs. Those oft-used multi-blade razors actually cut beneath the skin’s surface, leaving kinky re-growth with no clear path of escape. The result is a rash of bumps, irritation, and discomfort. In the past, there were two alternatives: Go the Grizzly Adams route, or try another equally undesirable removal method (depilatory cream, anyone?). One man’s quest to save his own face resulted in a solution to all that. Continue reading


lacoste l!ve

Celebrating the fourth doesn’t only mean scarfing down hot dogs and viewing an evening full of fireworks. Lacoste L!VE just introduced a new men’s fragrance that displays plenty of patriotism. With red, white, and blue packaging, and a scent that features green leaves and aquatic notes, the eau de toilette will give you a whole new perspective for your festive weekend.

Buy it HERE.


coola after-sun lotion

It’s bound to happen at least once this summer. You courageously forego the use of sunscreen and in the hours following your departure from the beach you realize you’ve made a huge mistake. And if you don’t act quickly, a few days of painful sunburn will be in the very near future.

Luckily, Coola makes a remedy that will spare your overly charred skin some relief. Formulated with Agave to take the sting out of sunburn, the moisturizing organic lotion helps aid skin back to health.

Buy it HERE through Birchbox Man and pack it for every beach weekend from the fourth on.