white cedar candle by maak lab

Living in NYC, greenery is few and far between. (It is, after all, the concrete jungle.) And I can’t speak for the entire city, but every now and then, I like to trade in the aromas of an overpopulated urban environment for all that resides in the midst of Mother Nature.

Finding refuge in Maak Lab, the Oregon-based shop is taking its natural scents from the Pacific Northwest and packaging them for all to enjoy. Its White Cedar Candle mixes sweet and creamy wood with spikes of honey and ginger for a clean, earthy fragrance. Housed in hand-thrown ceramic sink cups made by Portland company Mazama, the candle can be bought HERE.



The shaving enthusiasts over at Harry’s have introduced its second seasonal collection—and all we can say is, we hope you have your bags packed.

Inspired by a vacation for one, the limited edition line of razors has us in tune with those warm weather feels. Featuring four bright colors (nelson orange, shore grey, desert yellow, and palm green), the SS ’14 collection will have you beginning each morning without a care in the world…in terms of your shave at least.

A handle will run you 15 bucks while the entire shave set, which includes a handle, three blades, and tube of shave cream, will cost you an additional $5. Buy it HERE.


face elixir by herbivore botanicals

Even though there’s no longer a need to go to five star spa lengths to take care of your face, that doesn’t mean you should be using the dusty old products you have crammed into your bathroom cabinet. So in the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re urging you to upgrade from your drug store bargain purchase to something a little more suiting.

Herbivore Botanicals men’s Facial Elixir is 100% natural and is filled with a plenty of nourishing facial oils like golden jojoba, argan, and rosehip, which all help to hydrate and restore your skin. Consisting of a light wood and citrus scent, three to five drops daily will have you looking like grooming is your only focus.

Buy it HERE.


reed diffusers by retaw

Tokyo-based retaW is pushing forth with a new range of products—and as per usual, the lifestyle label headed up by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Murakami came correct.

Introducing its debut line of reed diffusers, the four scents (natural mystic, allen, evelyn, and barney) feature notes of vanilla, patchouli, lily bergamont orange and champagne, and soap. All packaged in glass medicine bottles, the diffusers fill the desired space with a fresh scent for up two months.

Buy online HERE.


protective & moisturizing collection by proraso

One look at an Italian fellow and it becomes quite apparent: those who reside in the Southern European country know a thing or two about looking sharp. It goes beyond the finely tailored garments they adorn, though. We’re talking grooming rituals. And for over 65 years the Italians have turned to none other than Proraso.

With a long heritage dedicated to supplying Italian barbers with quality shaving products, the brand is introducing its latest collection. Made up of a shaving cream as well as an after-shave balm, the duo work harmoniously to provide close and comfortable shaves.


The shaving cream acts as rich-lathering solution formulated with extra-hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E that preps the skin for the razor. Once the shave is complete, the balm keeps skin soft and protected, moisturizing and toning your face.

Available at C.O Bigelow, you can purchase both products HERE.


eau de lacoste powerful blue

Granted, there’s no set formula for finding your go-to scent. There are places you should begin your search, though. So to steer you in the right direction this spring, we’re thinking something light that’ll keep you refreshed for the coming months.

Bearing the recognizable green crocodile, Eau De Lacoste Powerful Blue combines notes of citrusy grapefruit with cool peppermint, complimented by an earthy base of patchouli, amber wood, and oak moss.

Purchase it HERE.


the sport guy kit by evolutionman

Whether you’re feeling the heat during outdoor activities or head to the gym on a daily basis, you’re going to need an answer for all that perspiration–especially with the ever-increasing amount of sun you’ll be exposed to during the coming months. Don’t sweat it, though, because EvolutionMan has you covered.

Combining all the essentials that will help you freshen up after hours spent putting your body through the ringer, the grooming brand’s “Sport Guy Kit” includes a face and body wash, a moisture protect solution, lip balm, a sports bottle, and of course a dopp kit (for days when you’ll need to jet from the gym to the office).

Presented in matte black, the EvolutionMan kit can be purchased HERE.


exfoliation products by aesop

Exfoliating is just as important in keeping up your appearance as a good nights sleep. The only difference? Exfoliation isn’t necessary every evening (twice–weekly will work just fine). And to make sure you’re taken care of those two nights, Aesop introduced a new pairing of signature exfoliation products.

The brand’s Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant is designed to be blended with your favorite Aesop cleanser, as the combination of ground tea tree leaves, crushed nut shells and purify clay purify the skin. On the other hand, Aesop’s Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste is a pre-mixed cleanser that helps to buff skin clean and purify. Both work to wash away dead skin cells and ingrained grime, and can be purchased HERE.


after shave soothers by êshave

If you’re a seasoned vet when it comes to shaving, you probably already know this, but just for good measures we’ll reinforce the notion: post-shave lotions shouldn’t be optional, they should be mandatory. The reason being that in addition to helping to rid your face of your chin hairs, your razor can also cause some irritation. And since êShave is no stranger to all things shaving-related, we figured the 18-year-old establishment would have exactly what’s needed to keep your skin protected.

Available in four scents (lavender, verbena lime, orange sandalwood, and fragrance free), êShave’s After Shave Soothers act as daily facial moisturizers that eliminate redness and shaving associated irritation. Upon application, the soothers moisturize and heal skin, leaving it smooth and revitalized.

Purchase HERE.


oasis men collection by h20+

Twenty-five years as a leader in skincare is no small accomplishment, and to celebrate, H20+ is introducing its Oasis Men collection.

A deeply hydrating and nourishing line, the five-piece assortment uses innovative oil-free marine hydration technology that helps calm redness and irritation, slow hair re-growth, and instantly replenish depleted skin. The collection includes a facial spray and scrub, a daily cleanser, a liquid-to-foam shaving solution, and an oil-free post shave balm, accounting for every grooming need you can possibly have.

Shop the Oasis Men skincare goods HERE.