premiere: silverbird “with the spirits”

Have you ever heard a song and just knew it was gonna go big? Like, summer hit movie trailer or beer commercial big? That’s the feeling we get when we heard the new Silverbird single, “With the Spirits.”
Founding member Tim Barr has been around the NYC music scene for sometime now, always backing up different acts playing clubs all over the city. Despite all this playing-out, he still managed to work away on his own tunes, which caught attention of English producer Kristopher Harris. After some time working in the studio, the pair have just wrapped up Silverbird’s new EP Surface Life.

The record isn’t due out until later this year but they’ve decided to give us all a sneak peak as to what to expect. This new single “With the Spirits” doesn’t waste any time getting catchy–it’s all hooks right from the intro. The vocals have a great mix of raspy lows and delicate highs, accompanied by a laid back guitar line and drums that carry the song forward start to finish. The organ in the bridge gives this track a vibe of familiarity and nostalgia.

With the release of Surface Life on the horizon, be sure to keep up with band on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE for release details and tour updates!

-words by Yung Will


Premiere: Trash Talk “Cloudkicker”

When I woke up this morning there were about a dozen new texts on my phone (I always wonder how that happens, it’s not like I sleep that long, but anyway…) the most exciting of which was a message from Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman. Immediately stoked, I jumped out of bed to flip open my laptop and jump around for a good 15 minutes to the band’s new single “Cloudkicker”!

The single comes along with the most official announcement of TT’s follow-up to their 2012 release[,] 119. Entitiled NO PEACE, this record is one of my personal most anticipated records of 2014–and if it’s anything like “Cloudkicker,” it’s sure to be on heavy rotation come May 27th when it’s released. You can pre-order No Peace HERE and follow Trash Talk (who is on tour now) on Twitter HERE. Now watch their mini-doc below, listen to “Cloudkicker” and get stoked all day.

premiere: night engine “all i got” (mt remix)

The London-based band Night Engine will officially release their single “All I got” June 2nd, followed by their debut full-length Wound Up Tight  later this year. But today, we’ve got a premiere listen from the four piece.

From the band that declared they would be a return to the “music of the city,” this track feels like Soho at 3am when the clubbers meet the crazies and the late night turns into early morning.

Last year found Night Engine with a pair of singles that were received with favorable reviews. Additionally the band sold out their debut London show at the Sebright Arms, and followed it up with a second London sell out at the Borderline. The band slayed The Great Escape, sold out a third London show at XOYO, and then curated a three show residency at Soho’s legendary St Moritz. Then the fellas relentlessly toured with The 1975, Electric Guest and Editors, spreading the gospel to the continent and then capped it all off with an appearance on the Radio One/ NME Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival in front of thousands. Then they disappeared.

Through the winter Night Engine have been in the studio with Rupert Lyddon on production duties, augmented by Claudius Mittendorfer in the mixing chair in New York. We’re told the album consists of “dark noir funk” that segues the band’s love of Berlin-era Reed and Bowie with contemporary club sounds. The guys will play new tracks for the first time when they return to live action with a London show at Oslo, Hackney Central on 5th June.

Today we have a first listen of their single “All I Got,” remixed by MT. This is a dreamy, laid-back, nine minute version of the original. To hear the original check out the band’s Soundcloud HERE and follow the guys on Twitter HERE.

premiere: austin alexander “living room sessions no. 1 mixtape”

If you’ve ever set foot in Chicago’s premiere boutique RSVP Gallery you know it basically feels like the most awesome living room on the planet…complete with the illest playlist which always consists of the newest jams. The team at RSVP specializes in taste–they have the clothes, scents, furniture, books the list goes on and on but once again, what makes it easy to lose an hour and a couple Benjis at this place is the vibe provided by the music.

The man behind the vibes at one of the finest hangouts in the world is my buddy Austin Alexander. It only makes sense that the sonic aficionado would embark on a series of mixtapes right? The mixes dubbed The Living Room Sessions now make it possible for anyone to put on the music and be transported to the baddest living room in the nation. This first edition features some of our favorite tracks right now from Wiz, Katie Got Bandz, RiRi, King Louie, Tonny Kruise and much mooch more.

For more on Austin check out his blog HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE or just stop by and kick it with him at RSVP Gallery at 1753 North Damen Avenue in Chicago.

premiere: crywolf “eyes half closed”

Not every artist you hear manages to stick with you. But when it comes to producer Justin Phillips AKA Crywolf, this is not the case.

We’ve been keeping tabs on him for over a year as he continually drops sonic gold and his new EP Angels is no exception. Due out April 29th (on Always Never), we’re excited to give you a listen of whats to come with his first single “Eyes Half Closed.”

As an artist Crywolf is the complete package, developing his own vocal and production formula which results in a genre all his own. With “Eyes Half Closed” he’s really going for a full pop-friendly construction, including an acoustic guitar and a full range of strings without sacrificing a sound that he’s becoming know for. This dude is definitely on the rise and watching his transformation from bedroom producer to big room slayer has been rad.

Download “Eyes Half Closed” for free now, preorder the Angels EP HERE, and keep up with him on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. If you can’t wait for more new music check out his Soundcloud HERE (“Oceans” is one of our favorites!)


premiere: rainbow jackson “anthony”

There are two types of people in this world: people that say they party and people whole actually P-A-R-T-Y! You’re about to watch a four minute how-to instructional video entitled “Anthony” from some party professionals by the name of Rainbow Jackson.

Have you ever watched a music video and just wished you were there? Well, this video captures the ultimate backstage party and we wish we were there. “Anthony” is the soundtrack for having the best time with your friends and we can’t think of a better way to portray it than with full on debauchery…oh yeah, it’s also in slow-mo.

The California-based band just dropped a new EP titled Perpetual Summer that completely embodies rock ‘n roll, and in our opinion is the perfect soundtrack for sunny days and nights of partying! After watching the video below you’ll want to promptly grab the EP HERE.

Hey guys, we love silly string and partying, too, so next time you shoot a video give us a call! Make sure to check out the band on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

Going Ham Sandwich Mix by Jason Derulo

Did you know Jason Derulo broke his back? For real, I hung out with him a while back and he straight up said that he broke his back and was told he might not be able to do crazy flips and head spins (he does flips and head spins a lot) ever again. It turns out that he got better, rehabbed his back and he does head spins again, like a champ! I never knew that much about him, except that he has some internationally huge radio hits and some super crazy looking videos. Turns out, he’s just this pretty soft spoken friendly guy who can sing and dance, but what I found out is that he eats healthy and works out like a maniac. Anyway…

I’m telling you this because my friend at Beats Music reached out and said “Do you wanna feature Jason Derulo’s workout playlist on your website?” and I said “Hell, yes…that dude is a beast, I’m trying to get like him.”

So here we are, it’s Friday, and I’m going to head to the gym this weekend and get like Jason Derulo. I’m signed up to Beats Music, which is a new premium music subscription service by the Beats by Dre family. Beats Music is completely ad-free and programmed by a team of well-respected music experts (Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor and more).

This bad boy delivers over 20 million tracks with the right music for any situation, any time, and any preference, tailored to the listener’s taste. The result is an artist-friendly digital music service that does more than simply offer access to music, but one that establishes a connection to it as well.

You can listen to the list of jams below HERE and follow the Beats Music team on Twitter HERE and Jason Derulo HERE. This list includes some of my favorite artists like Tinashe, Mike Will Made It, A$AP Rocky, the big home Derulo (of course) and more…I’m getting ready to do some back flips to this!

1.“Talk Dirty” – Jason Derulo
2.“Selfie” – The Chainsmokers
3.“Feelin’ Myself” – Will.I.Am ft. Miley Cyrus
4.“Wild For The Night” – A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex
5.“Timber” – Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
6.“Partition” – Beyonce
7.“Up Down” – T-Pain ft. B.O.B
8.“Turn Down For What” – DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon
9.“Lights” – Ellie Goulding
10.“23″- Mike Will Made- It
11.“The Other Side” – Jason Derulo
12.“2 On”- Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q


dawn golden “all i want”

We don’t normally feature songs that bring the sad vibes but this new track and video from Dawn Golden are to good not to share.

On May 13th, Dawn Golden will be releasing his debut full length album Still Life, a follow up to his 2011 EP Blow. The solo electronic production and songwriting project is helmed by Dexter Tortoriello of Houses, who has been carefully crafting the album over the past three years.

For the lead single “All I Want,” director Tyler T. Williams portrays a unique love story as the melody builds, the plot parallels with added complexity and adventure, drawing us in with each frame. If we had to describe the track and video it might be something like M83′s “Midnight City” meets Coldplays “Yellow” for 2014.

Follow Dawn Golden on Twitter HERE and pre-order Still Life HERE!


premiere: david douglas “selene”

Yesterday we brought you those vibes of sonic preparation for summer, and today we have the soundtrack for your summer nights.

Dutch producer David Douglas is getting ready drop his new album titled Moon Observations on May 22nd, but decided he’d be kind enough to share a new single from the record ahead of time. This song “Selene” does an awesome job of fusing electronic grooves with very organic tones- giving off a night time, cruise-with-your-windows-down kind of feel. After having the track on repeat all day we even get a nostalgic Toto vibe–that is, if they were to make electronic music today. “As David Douglas readies his new album Moon Observations, a lucid cut of analogue grooves, catchy chords, dub slaps and moog-tone bass-lines…”

Be sure to pick up Moon Observations May 22nd and keep up with David on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE to find out when he’ll be making it over to the states!

premiere: tropic of pisces “marking”

Today’s good vibes come to us courtesy of our pals over at Goldest Egg and Oberhhofer guitarist Matthew Scheiner’s new solo project Tropic of Pisces.

With a new record due out this May titled SymmetryTropic of Pisces is bringing the full on summer feels early with this new single “Marking.” We’re going to warn you now: As soon as the drums kick in the head nods will ensue, so be ready for some looks from your class/office mates, because it’s irresistable. Accompanied by a fat bass line and some staccato guitar hooks, we have a feeling this song is bound to be in heavy rotation on your upcoming playlists. The sound described to us as “tropidelica-funk-electro pop” is pretty much sonic sunshine.

If the rest of the EP is anything like this, then it’s going to be fire! We’re going to try our best to be patient as Symmetry drops May 13th, but in the meantime be sure to check Tropic of Pisces out on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will