king avriel ‘thesis’ lp stream

By kindergarten she was a nationally recognized short story author. At age five she landed her first feature role as the voice of Timberly on Hey Arnold. She followed that with a few small projects and features on mixtapes with artists like Miguel. And after a short hiatus in the form of scholarly studies at UCLA, King avriel is just now arriving.

Yes. Those prior-mentioned accomplishments are nothing compared to her debut LP Thesis, which just dropped today. Carefully revealing tracks from the project throughout the past six months, finally we are able to see King avriel in all her glory.

The 11-track body of work is one that comes out of true passion. A collection of avriel’s thoughts and experiences, each song gives a beckoning insight into where she’s headed. Her voice is versatile. Her narrative is masterfully sewn together. Remember, it’s only the beginning, though.

Take a listen to Thesis below.


video premiere: the revivalists “navigate below”

Stemming from New Orleans with musical influences that lean heavily on the older styles and warmer sounds of the golden age of rock ‘n roll, The Revivalists have managed to craft a genre-hopping sound all their own–one that translates all too well during live performances.

As result, it’s no surprise that the Big Easy septet has been touring non-stop the last few years, tackling festivals like Bonaroo and Governor’s Ball to name a few. Now through their latest video, the group puts their unmatched musicianship on display via visuals that document a live rendition of “Navigate Below.”

The guys bring an undeniable big sound to the stage that’s backed by a plethora of instrumental talent that’s impossible to ignore. Check out the video below, and keep up The Revivalists’ tour schedule HERE.

Brown Shoe

premiere: brown shoe “reservations”

Consisting of four brothers that are going on ten years as a band, Brown Shoe has amassed quit the resume. Not only have they taken on half a dozen nationwide tours, but the Folsom, California natives bring four releases to the table. Announcing the fifth a few months prior, which comes in the form of a full-length album broken up into three EP’s that saw the first part drop on April 8, today, the band reveals that Lonely Beast Part II is on its way August 19.

The news doesn’t come with out new music, though. Premiering their latest single “Reservations” to accompany the announcement, the new track projects a big sound with smooth vocals and plenty of instrumental capacity.

Listen below, and keep up with Brown Shoe HERE.


premiere: mirror talk “1997″

Mirror Talk is getting ready to follow up their debut EP Infatuation in a big way. Or at least that’s what we can gather from the sound the LA foursome is supplying with their first single “1997,” which serves as the title to the group’s second EP as well.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Mirror Talk, don’t worry, you’ll warm right up to them. Their music matches ‘80s vibes with synth pop tones and brings a touch of chillwave and R&B infused melodies. This single doesn’t waver from that recipe. And nor will 1997 from the looks of it. The group united with producer Tony Hoffer (the name behind notable acts such as M83 and Depeche Mode) when putting the EP together–meaning a track list full of hits like the one below are sure to follow.

Mirror Talk will take the stage at The Satellite in Los Angeles on August 2nd, while 1997 is set to be released on September 23. Listen to the track below.


premiere: ghastly city sleep “white owls”

The alternative foursome that was built from the ruins of former punk-rock bands City of Caterpillar, Gregor Samsa, Majority Rule, and Pg. 99 in 2005, has since seen there sound flourish through the release of 3 albums. They have more on the way, though. Set to drop Lulling Skulls this October on Magic Bullet Records, the Brooklyn-based musicians today debut a new single to give us all a little taste as to what we can expect.

Known for their electronic soundscapes and use of live instruments, “White Owls,” sticks to that recipe, yet pushes the boundaries through melodic loops and dense beats, even incorporating a tension-building interlude to complement the otherwise entrancing tones and vocals. Listen to “White Owls” below, and keep up with Ghastly City Sleep HERE.

-photo by Ebru Yildiz


As things continue to heat up in Southern California, Vans makes the first move in celebration of the 2014 US Open of Surfing by premiering their third installment of the iconic surf film series Get-N Classic. Last night we attended the exclusive VIP premiere in Newport Beach, CA, which documents the surf discoveries of the official Vans Surf team from around the world. The night kicked off with red carpet appearances from Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Dane Reynolds, the Gudauska’s brothers, and Leila Hurst. The event, which acts as the official launch for the Open of Surfing, celebrates 100 years of surfing in Huntington Beach which will takeover HB from July 26th to August 3rd.

We arrived early on to be greeted by the Vans team and immediately felt a sense of community among the attendees which were gathered in celebration of one of the most prominent subcultures defining Southern California for decades. After snacking and hanging out in the lobby of the beautiful Port Theatre, we were ushered in a top notch theatre space where Chris Cote proceeded to host the night. We highly recommend catching the flick next month if you’re in California or New York (dates below). Otherwise you can catch the official worldwide premiere on September 3rd HERE. The coming week of events, which starts Saturday, will consist of Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) men’s and women’s competitions, the Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Innovational, and Van Doren Invitational Skate and BMX contests including art exhibitions and movie nights.

Live on OffTheWall.TV on September 3


Check out the the official site for the full schedule and more info HERE.

-words and photos by Miguel Angel


full moon fest exclusive playlist

Inspired by Thailand’s very own Full Moon Parties, Full Moon Fest is back to NYC’s Governor’s Beach Club August 8th with some of your favorite indie/electronic acts including live & DJ sets from Delorean, Le Youth, Penguin Prison, The Knocks, JDH & Dave P, Chela, The Aston Shuffle & more. The festival, which attracted over 4,500 awesome attendees for the third time last year, caters to music lovers across various genres. JDH & Dave P, who have toured alongside names like Simian Mobile Disco & Soulwax, have been rad enough to set the mood for you and provide us with ten reasons you should come enjoy a euphoric night under the moon via ten of their favorite buzz tracks of the moment. “We imagine starting early in the day, going into the night, and ending early the next morning,” they tell us, “for that you need plenty of early/mellow james, peak time stuff, and euphoric tunes to get you through the party!” Hope to see you at the cabanas or maybe even the stageside tables, either way know you’re gearing up for a summer night you won’t forget.

You will find JDH & Dave P’s list of ten tracks and reasons why you should listen below as well as the exclusive FMF “Waxing Moon” mix from, MATTE Projects family member, Poncho who is a New York City born and bred disc jockey. Check out our images from last year’s Full Moon Fest HERE and buy tickets HERE.

1. The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich – “Waterville”
“Permanent Vacation always brings the heat for both early times and late-night vibes, and this one is no exception. Nice and summery.”

2. Red Axes – “Too Late To Samba”
“The percussion has an outdoor/tribal feel to it that makes it perfect for any full moon jam.”

3. Essay – “Ocarina”
“This a perfect tune for an outdoor party. More summer vibes!”

4. Mermaids – “Cherry Cola”
“A nice jam for bbqs, outdoor parties, or Full Moon Fests!”

5. New Jackson- “Jam On Summer”
“A perfectly named track!”

6. Simian Mobile Disco – “Tangents”
“The warm synths in this new Simian Mobile Disco JAM create the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of a full moon set. The one builds on itself perfectly with the gradual rise of the full moon.”

7. Moderat – “Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)”
“Moody, yet euphoric, this track really has all the elements of the perfect soundtrack to a full moon fest experience. It’s the ultimate track for dancing under the stars and the blue light of the full moon.”

8. Lana Del Rey – “West Coast (Solomun Remix)” (Polydor Records)
“Lana Del Rey’s moody vocal creates the perfect tension and Solomun’s MONSTER production breaks it in the perfect way making this one another essential track for a HYPER-RAD full moon experience.”

9. Joy Wellboy – “Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix)” (ToolroomRecords)
“A full moon experience wouldn’t be complete without a Dixon track and this one has the perfect balance of dark and light for dancing under the light of the full moon !!!”

10. Caribou – “Can’t do Without You (Extended Mix) “
“Without a doubt the track of the summer and the perfect closer to your full moon dancing experience. “

Poncho’s “Waxing Moon” mix

Final Full Moon 2014 Flyer

-words by Miguel Angel


premiere: the creases “gradient” ep stream

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, The Creases are paused and ready to release their debut EP Gradient, which officially drops this Friday via Liberation Music. But in all honesty, once we heard the five-track project headlined by their latest single “Static Lines,” we didn’t want to have to wait that long to share it with the world. So…we’re not.

Bringing you Gradient two days early, the indie pop foursome flawlessly meshes the likes of energetic guitar melodies and fulfilling vocals through a good mix of songs that really show off the band’s abilities. We’re glad we got to bring you the first listen, so hit play below, and see what the guys themselves had to say about the EP as well.

Can you talk a bit about your debut EP?
We recorded it in between shows with Simon Berckelman from Philadelphia Grand Jury. We honestly thought an EP would be serious business but it was finished so quickly. Each song was recorded all together like it was live, which wasn’t what we expected at all, but we’re pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Was there any major influences you pulled from while putting it together?
We were listening to a lot of The Pastels and Slowdive around the time of the recording. All the songs were written pretty quickly as we had a tour booked and needed to fill out a set, so they’re all a big mishmash of influences and ideas.

Can you speak on the process of putting it all together?
Simon was really set on capturing the feeling of a live show. He spent so much time experimenting with different recording techniques that we never would’ve considered. It was the first time we’d been in a real studio but it was really cool!

What do you want your fans or anyone that listens to get out of it?
I guess it’d just be cool to have people like it! We weren’t really trying to make any influences too apparent or invoke any emotions, we just wanted to make songs we would like and hopefully some other people like too.

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with or share the stage with?
It would be insane to share the stage with The Cure or Slowdive. Collaborating with David Byrne or Nigel Godrich would be a dream come true, though.

What else can we expect from you guys in the near future? Anything we should look out for specifically?
We’re hoping to get an album out early next year. We’ve just been trying to push ourselves to make as much music as possible. Additionally, we want to keep touring and playing fun shows and meeting cool people!


video premiere: “fortyfive” bootstraps

You would never know that Bootstraps wasn’t supposed to be a fulltime gig. The band headed by front man Jordan Beckett and joined by both David Quon and Nathan Warkentin sort of just happened by chance after Beckett put his screenwriting aspirations on hold. Now, with an eponymous debut out, the group is all set to release its video for “FortyFive.”

Taking to the likes of the studio for simple visuals of the guys putting on a live rendition of the track, the video let’s the music itself do all of the talking. A sturdy display of musical versatility matched by a playful melody sets the stage for Beckett’s weary yet powerful vocals and truly ties the song together.

Watch below, and stay up to date with Bootstraps HERE.


video premiere: kiev “be gone dull cage”

It was October of last year when Kiev—the alt-rock quintet hailing from Orange, California—released their debut full-length Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth. Since then, the band’s 60 minute, 13 song musical curation has not only spurred on quite a bit of acclaim, but it’s led to their latest announcement: a full West Coast tour that will kick off in August with Bad Suns. To celebrate, Kiev is supplying the video for its song “Be Gone Dull Cage.”

Sharing their funk and psychedelic rock influences through visuals that reinforce its sound, the hypnotic track is set to a magical journey that sees the band’s members riding on bongo drums while coming in contact with electrified lily pads.

Watch the video below, and keep up with Kiev and all their latest announcements on Twitter HERE.