haks bbq sauce

It’s finally time to clean off the grill that you’ve left dormant all winter, because summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get your BBQ skills back up to par.

2010 MasterChef contestant Sharone Hakman made his mark on the show when he unveiled his very own BBQ sauce, and now we know why the judges were blown away. Disclaimer: this is not your average corner store BBQ condiment. Haks BBQ sauce comes at you with a line up of chipotle bourbon, habanero pineapple, Thai chile tamarind and a smoked maple mustard.

With such an impressive line, we decided to give them a proper tasting– and by proper we mean our very own weekend BBQ.
For an honest taste we marinated wings and ribs overnight and didn’t add any other seasonings. In the morning (ok, more like 11:30 am) we fired up the grill and got to work. As all the homies arrived we didn’t tell them we were chowing these new sauces, but from the first bite they bugged out! After being thoroughly interrogated about our “secret recipes,” we revealed the secret was all Haks.

The smoked maple mustard is for those of you whole like a more mild sauce, but just because it’s mild doesn’t mean you sacrifice any flavor- we can definitely see ourselves using this for everyday dipping. As we move up the heat ladder, we come to the chipotle bourbon and the Thai chile tamarind. The chipotle closely mimics a classic BBQ flavor, and tamarind takes that classic feel and gives a more citrus kick for your taste buds– this is a great sauce to appease the masses. Last and most definitely not least, we had the habanero pineapple, which takes the cake for our favorite. But be warned, it has a kick and isn’t for the faint at heart. With an awesome blend of sweet and spicy, we nearly ate ourselves into a wing coma.

This summer, stay on top of your BBQ game and pick up some Haks BBQ sauce HERE. And after you become everyone’s new best friend, be sure to thank them on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will photos by Estefanie Duque

johnny appleseed hard apple cider

Now that it’s officially spring and the weather is warming up, it’s time for beverages to accompany the season.

Sometimes sitting on a sun-soaked patio with an ice cold beverage is the cure to a rough day. We’ve tried the new Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider and highly suggest you do the same. This cider is no joke–their team has locked in the perfect balance of sweet apple qualities with an intense refreshing bite, truly giving it a crisp taste that is unmatched.

Just like Johnny Appleseed himself, this company has been on a journey to bring a new beverage to the fast-growing cider category. It’s been collaborating with over 750 consumers over the past three years to co-design everything, from taste to the sharp-looking packaging.

We’re told Johnny Appleseed hard cider is best enjoyed on the rocks and among good friends…so with that being said, who wants to come over after work and enjoy one?

Check these guys out on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, and as they say “let the stories flow.”

-words by Yung Will

our/new york

Manhattan hasn’t had its own vodka distillery since the 1920′s, but come November this will all change when Our/Vodka opens a micro-distillery quaintly titled Our/New York.

Our/Vodka was started by six entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden had an idea of creating a global brand with local roots. With 11 cities scheduled to launch micro distilleries this year, Our/New York has partnered with city legends Dave Ortiz and Kevin Carney founders of Dave’s Wear House. These two have organized and hosted some of the most innovative events in the community- mixing their city roots with locally sourced ingredients, they’ll be to capture all of NY’s characteristics in a bottle.

“Our/Vodka is interesting because it isn’t based on superficial ideas, it’s real people that are from the city that any person can relate to. It’s not a celebrity endorsement which to me has seen done and is very transparent”.
-Dave Ortitz

“The other cities are like our brothers and sister, we are all different but we have the same DNA. What we envision for our city is to tell OUR story and to grow a brand that New Yorkers can identify with”.
-Kevin Carney

Be sure to check out the full Our/Vodka Story below and find out more about the company HERE.

-words by Yung Will


g. love and special (hot) suace

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of premiering one of G. Love’s new videos, but it turns out the dude isn’t just in the music game…

If you know anything about us at Nylon Guys, it’s that we love hot sauce. Whether it’s wings, burritos, or PB&J (don’t ask), we find a way to put it on everything. Our buddy G. Love is always looking out so he sent over his very own brand of hot sauces and his favorite ways to eat each one! Here’s what the G had to say about these fine sauces!

“The original HOT Sauce is our perfect Louisiana-style hot sauce. With a lot of tang and just a little heat, this sauce is made to go with soul food like fried chicken, fried catfish and oyster po boys. But really, it’s great on everything from soup to salad – my girl puts it on her salad- to all meats and vegetables. Distinctly American cuisine, but this makes any good taste better. From French fries to Foie Gras, this sauce is perfect.

My Special LoLo Sauce is our take on the local island sauce I fell in love with in St Martin. It’s a mustard-based sauce with plenty of heat and flavor. This sauce is our spiciest sauce but still very palatable. Obviously, it goes great with any island food like goat or chicken curry and all grilled meats and fishes. Try some on your ribs and your mac and cheese. Again, my girl will put this on any salad, my kid puts it on everything…the LoLo Sauce is perfect for island and American cuisine.

Last the Special Samba Sauce is my version of the spicy, tangy and flavorful Sambal Sauces of Vietnam and Thailand. This sauce is more of a relish and its ultimate match is the Thai dish Pad Thai. Our Sambal Sauce is a perfect match for all Asian cuisine. It’s a very pungent sauce with medium heat. Just delicious. I mix it with Hellman’s mayonnaise to make a Spicy Sambal Aioli for sandwiches or to enjoy with cold roast chicken.”

We thoroughly enjoyed devouring these sauces over the weekend, so make sure you pick up yours HERE. Follow G on Twitter HERE, and if you didn’t see his recent premiere, check it out HERE.

Oreo Snack Hacks

When you hear the word “hacking,” you probably think of breaking into computers or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible–well, the team over at Oreo is about to give the word a whole new definition when it comes to eating.

We were invited out to get a taste of Oreo’s brand new video series, titled “Snack Hacks.” Hosted by chef legends Michael Voltaggio from Top ChefRoy Choi the  ”food truck Godfather,” and Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen, they showed us the trend of remixing by replacing standard recipes with simple yet inventive ways to eat this classic. Assuming we’d enjoy a few cookies in a handful of clever ways then have to grab a slice on our way back to the office, we didn’t think Oreos could suffice for lunch…turns out, they can.

Upon arrival we were greeted with an ice cold shandy–but because this is Snack Hacks, it was an Oreo Shandy. Chef Voltaggio was able to take lemon Oreos and turn them into a syrup, which, if you pour over ice and top with a beer, it literally tastes like you’re drinking a cookie. By this point our minds were blown, and we hadn’t even gotten to the food yet. We took our seats and Michael continued to keep with the mind-blown theme by creating the Oreo Fanatic Hack. With the help of a food processor, flour, and water he was able to return the cookie to its dough form. From here he spread it paper thin, baked it, sliced it up and voila, you have an Oreo tortilla chip. Leaving us in total awe by this cookie chip, we remembered one thing: you can’t have chips without salsa. So to match with the theme, we dipped in an unreal sweet strawberry salsa.

For those of you who don’t know Roy Choi, he is most known for his revolutionary Korean bbq taco food truck out in LA. It was great to chat with him about his background and see the passion he has for feeding his community. For his dish he wanted to stick with an American staple: chicken tenders. Titled the Midnight Hack– because who doesn’t love some late-night chicken?– He managed to mix golden Oreos (wafers only) with some bread crumbs and fry these tenders. It was hands- down one of the best chicken meals we’ve ever had[,] period. To go along with these, chef Roy introduced us to a sauce we’ve never tried before: banana ketchup. This sweet and tangy dipping goodness paired perfectly with the chicken tenders and is probably our new favorite sauce! If anyone knows where we can cop some, please let us know!

Closing out the meal, Nguyen Tran made us his unbelievable impulse hack. This bread pudding concoction was an awesome remix of an already sweet treat and repurposing it into an entirely new dessert.

We know all of this sounds a little to be good to be true, so we highly suggest checking out the videos below to see inside each chef’s hack. Big thanks to Oreo for having us out, we can’t wait to try these recipes at home! Check out even more hacks HERE and see what you can come up with.

-photos and words by Yung Will

Takashi – A Meat Lover’s Paradise

For those of you who are new to NYLON Guys chow posts, my name is Yung Will and I’ve been getting to know NYC by eating my way through the city. Recently I got step out of my norm and enjoy the delight that is Takashi.
Takashi is a meat lover’s paradise located in the West Village and when they say their menu is all beef, they mean it! They spend months hand-picking choice cuts of premium Japanese and American angus that are delicately prepared and served raw to be grilled right at your table.

To be honest, a good portion of the menu was foreign to me, which can be intimidating–but I’ve found if you put your dinner in the hands of the chef, they know what’s best and they’ll take care of you. Preceding the meal I had some appetizers of cabbage topped with a white miso dressing, beans and sprouts, and house-made kimchi. It was great to start the meat-filled dinner with some fresh veggies.

I kicked off my night of entrees with the Yooke, a thinly-sliced chuck eye tartare topped with a quail egg and a special sauce. It took some convincing on their part because I had never had straight up raw meat, but I’m glad they did! It was so sweet and full of flavor I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t cooked, so it was definitely worth it stepping out of my comfort zone.

Next up I had the house made Bresaola, a Kobe Beef prosciutto topped with Bayley Hazen blue cheese, micro scallions and a soy hazelnut honey mustard. Despite my rusty chopstick skills, I was able to wrap up all the toppings to complete this sweet and savory dish.

Following these roll-ups was the most familiar part of the night, grandma’s steamed beef shank buns. It included a  premium slice of angus on a cloud-like bun and topped with a spicy mayo in a build-it-yourself fashion. I can’t stress how soft these buns were–I was blown away, and I’m always down for all things spicy mayo related.

Now for the main event. The grill in the center of our table starts to heat up and I’m delivered [four plates of sliced raw meat. Starting with the Rosu (Kobe Ribeye) and the Harami (Kobe outside skirt), both only sit on the grill for a minute on each side and they’re cooked to perfection. Once on my plate I add a squeeze of lemon and they’re ready to eat. The Rosu is hands-down my favorite in this combo–it is so tender that it for real melts in your mouth. Coming in hot right after is the Kalbi (Kobe premium short rib) and beef belly. The belly is marinated in Takashi’s secret marinade, which is the chef’s grandmothers recipe and he personally makes it himself everyday. Both of which we dip in a sesame soy sauce, and both of which are awesome.

I finished out the night with some homemade vanilla soft serve topped with roasted walnuts and a salted caramel drizzle…trust me it’s even better than it sounds.
A big thank you to Takashi for having me out and treating me to an amazing meal. Go check them out on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-photos and words by Yung Will

ben & jerry’s free cone day!

Free cone day might not be recognized by the US Government as a national holiday, but we think it should.

Ben & Jerry’s opened its first store front in a renovated gas station back in 1978, and in 1979, to celebrate its one year anniversary and to thank all the customers, company hosted its very first ever free cone day. Fast-forward 35 years and this legendary scoop shop keeps this tradition alive–but instead of giving away cones out of a small town gas station, they give them away all over the world!

Find the Ben & Jerry’s closest to you HERE and stop in from 12-8 to snag your free cone and thank them for making the best flavors in the ice cream game!

-words by Yung Will

brand new bacon flavored ritz

Remember being a kid and your favorite snack was cheese and crackers? Well, the team at Ritz are appealing to a new generation when it comes to snack time.

If you aren’t already sitting you might want to, because what you’re about to read might just blow your mind. Ritz has successfully developed a bacon flavored cracker! In a world addicted these savory strips, you can now get your bacon fix literally anytime and anywhere.

We don’t know what kind of crazy hi-tech bacon operations they’ve been running over there but these aren’t your dad’s boring old crackers–these are next level. Combining their classic flavor with pepper seasoning and the savory flavor of bacon, the possibilities of snack combos are endless!

After you pick up your box, go thank Ritz for looking out for your bacon needs on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will

Dogtown Coffee

The NYLON Guys team was all over the US last week, doing things like visiting dinosaurs in the desert to hanging in record stores in Denver, and we even found time to discover a new favorite grub spot on the beach in Santa Monica called Dogtown Coffee!

We stumbled upon this gem after an early morning jog/sight seeing journey, which included the Santa Monica pier and legendary Muscle Beach–after all this, we were ready for a little caffeine recharge. This spot is way more rad than your average coffee shop, with a menu that includes breakfast burritos, gluten-free options for bread, vegetarian sliders and ahi poke bowl, and much much more.

Because it was morning and a little early to go in on the ahi poke, we opted for the acai energy bowl with granola, strawberries, bananas, shaved coconut, and honey. This dish is pretty much the craziest breakfast you can ever eat–both for the fact that it tastes like dessert and it’s actually incredibly good for you. The sandwich you see in the above isn’t just any old ordinary sammie; that’s a Bay Street Mini with bacon mixed in the eggs and insanely rad chipotle sauce. They even made this beautiful ordeal on a gluten-free bun for us. We couldn’t leave without trying the signature Salted Caramel Iced coffee, which consists of 24-hour cold brewed coffee sweetened with deep caramel and topped with sea salt infused foam…it’s even better than it sounds!

With surf and skate boards hanging around the shop and a team behind the counter and in the kitchen so nice we actually hit the spot up a little later for another coffee, this place is a must visit. Check out the drool-worthy menu HERE and peep their Facebook page HERE. Trust us, if you’re ever on the West side, you’ll be stoked on this spot!


Sprite 6mix by Lebron James

The worlds most thirst quenching soft drink has teamed up with basketball’s biggest super star and dropped a new limited edition flavor that will be the jam this summer.

Sprite and Lebron James have collaborated to create the brand new 6mix flavor, featuring the classic lemon lime taste with a twist of cherry and orange. Coming at you in a 19.2oz tall can or a 20 oz bottle, this beverage will only be available for a limited time so don’t sleep…pick some up while you can!

-photos and words by Yung Will